HomeWidget lets you run HomeKit scenes from custom widgets.

By Andras Solyom

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Scenes Grid


Tapping the icon of a scene on the widget will open the app and automatically execute the scene without any other action from you.

  • Choose from over 300 colorful icons or 180 tinted icons for your scenes
  • Medium size widgets can show up to 18 scenes
  • Large size widgets can show up to 36 scenes
  • After scene is successfully run app will automatically return to home screen
  • Icon size dynamically adjusts to fit the widget depending on the number of scenes you added
  • Small size widgets can only show a single scene due to technical limitations
  • Choose from grid view with many scenes, or list view that also shows scene names
  • Custom widget background and text color
  • To run a scene simply tap any scene on the widget. Thats it. The scene is running.


You can contact me about issues, questions, or feature request.